There is no other country where people are so hooked to every headline and every bulletin
from the moment they wake up early in the morning till the time they go to bed at night.

In Israel this phenomenon is called "The swamp",
which means - everybody swim in the same swamp of news and current events and is on the alert to be updated with the next breaking news that is supposedly crucial to survival of the country. Getting out of the swamp is a very rare phenomenon in the Israeli mentality.

Tamar and Amnon opted to this very non Israeli way of life.

Amnon Barri, A circus man, woke up one day morning with a deep feeling that something must be changed in his life.

Tamar Barri, A painter, was raised in an Orthodox jewish family, left everything behind,
bought a campervan, and started to travel around the country, searching for a new path.

the desert called them, technically for a Rainbow Festival , truly for each other.
They Fell in love and decided to walk together through the adventures of their lives.
During this period of time they didn't care to be updated with any Israeli news or headline that dominated the lives of their friends and relatives.
Their journey took them from the roads of Israel to those of Kenya, Africa.
Malmalu was born In A tent of an African tribe. Their daughter. Now the Barry's are a family.

A year later, The Barry's returned to Israel, To Tamar's old van. They are still Traveling & seeking for the place where their hearts will tell them – This is home.
On the background of the hectic news addict Israeli way of life, the scene of this detached relaxed couple look almost suspicious and non Israeli.
Nowadays, they spend the days together, building A permanent home, cooperating with nature, and raising their child in Their own unique way.